World Languages and Cultures

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a Bachelor of Arts in World Languages with concentrations in Dual Language, French, French Education, Spanish, and Spanish Education. Our students have the opportunity to gain exposure to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin and Chinese. In addition, we also offer a certificate in TESOL.

The defining aspect of our degree program is that it offers an interdisciplinary and experiential curriculum that prepares our majors and minors for careers requiring various linguistic and cultural skills needed in the contemporary job market. 

Students develop fluency as the result of our wide range of course offerings including: grammar, phonetics, translation, service-learning, literature, cultural studies, conversation, foreign language teaching methodology, and second language acquisition All students have access to state-of-the-art broadcast facilities in radio and television, language learning software, and conversational partners.

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  • We offer specialized courses such as: Spanish for Medical Translation, French for Business and International Trade, Studies in Postwar German Cinema, Art and Literature in the Italian Renaissance, Latin Translation of Caesar's De Bello Gallico, and Chinese Civilization and Culture.
  • Every class offers an excellent multicultural, multilingual, and multi-dialect experience with experienced faculty from Mexico, Italy, Poland, Venezuela, Colombia, and various states within the United States
  • The Department has French, Spanish, German,and Italian Clubs along with a Student Ambassador Program that meet regularly and host various events throughout the school year. All students are encouraged to join!
  • Our faculty members have won numerous President's Awards for teaching, research and service, served on editorial boards for academic journals, presented and published their research in a wide variety of academic forums, participated in international conferences, and contributed their knowledge and expertise to a range of community and academic organizations.



Department Updates

New Courses:

  • CHIN 101: Elementary Mandarin Chinese I 
  • CHIN 102: Elementary Mandarin II

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Mango Languages

In combination with our Department and the Library, the University has offers the FREE app Mango Languages, a language immersion software available to all Southeastern students, faculty, and staff containing over 70 languages. Click here to sign up and begin using Mango!



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