2022 -2023 Theatre Season

The Bald Soprano
By Eugene Ionesco
Translation by Anne-Liese Fox
Directed by Chad Winters
The Columbia Studio Theatre
Sept 28, 29 & 30
For your perusal.

A student and alumni production of Donna Gay Anderson's new play
The Way We Say Goodbye
Directed by Donna Gay Anderson
Featuring a student and alumni cast and crew.
Reimer's Memorial Auditorium
Nov. 16, 17, 18 & 19


Synopsis: Humans bid farewell to people, places, and things for a plethora of reasons and in countless ways, leading them to places of gratitude, shame, anger, joy, grace, fear, and reconciliation. The Way We Say Goodbye, a collage of 15 monologues with varying degrees of separation, introduces us to fourteen women and one man who celebrate, mourn, and sometimes cluelessly navigate the farewells that clear paths to the subsequent chapters of their lives.

For your perusal.

How We Say Goodbye


Romeo & Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Produced in Partnership with the Columbia Theatre
Directed by Jennifer Bouquet, Ben Norman and Jim Winter
The Columbia Theatre
Mar 10,11 & 17,18

The Ninth Annual Inkslinger Winner
The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd
By Ben Tyler & Cathy Dresbach
Directed by Anne-Liese Fox
Venue TBA
Apr 26, 27, 28 & 29 

Synopsis: In the 1930's, the new medium of radio had as big an impact on society as the internet does today. This is the true story of a still unsolved double homicide that became the first example of what is now a very popular form of entertainment, true crime podcasts. In 1931, Winnie Ruth Judd was accused and then convicted of murdering two women and dismembering one of them, loading them into steamer trunks and shipping them to Los Angeles by train. Her trial became a wildly popular broadcast that shaped the future of electronic communication.  But did she really do it? Did she act alone? What really happened? The story's relevance to today is the high value and elusive nature of the truth and our relationship to it.

For your perusal.

The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd