Face Mask/Coverings Exemption Policy

  • Per Southeastern Louisiana University’s Face Mask/Coverings Policy Statement:

    • “The University reserves the right to require that face coverings or masks be worn on campus when required or recommended by public health officials or government leaders of relevant jurisdiction, or when the University Administration deems it necessary and appropriate in response to a communicable disease or other emergency.”


  • ALL students, faculty, staff vendors, contractors, visitors, and patrons are required to wear a face covering on campus.

    • Please note for students who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing, clear masks will be provided to students and instructors on a limited basis.

  • If a student cannot wear a face MASK due to a valid health issue or disability the student is to wear a face SHIELD. (Face shields are available in the Student Accessibility Services Office located in Tinsley Hall, Room 102).

  • If a student cannot wear a face shield due to a valid health issue or disability, they are to contact the individual academic departments of the classes they wish to enroll in regarding online class availability. If the departments and/or professors require documentation of a disability, students should then contact Student Accessibility Services. (Tinsley Hall, Room 102 / 985-549-2247 / accessibilityservices@selu.edu).

  • If online (remote) classes can’t be acquired, the student must submit documentation of their disability to Student Accessibility Services.

    • Documentation must include an official letter from the student’s treating physician, on their letterhead with the physician’s signature.

    • This letter must include the student’s diagnosis and it must explicitly state that it is the recommendation of the physician that the student be exempt from wearing a face mask OR a face shield for extended periods of time due to the student’s disability or condition. The documentation must state that the student’s health would be compromised if required to wear a face covering for extended periods of time.

    • If the student cannot wear a face covering for extended periods of time documentation must include the doctor’s recommendation for the maximum amount of time the student CAN wear a face covering.

  • Student Accessibility Services will review the documentation and if approved, will notify Campus Card Operations of the student’s face covering exemption approval.

  • Student Accessibility Services will then arrange for the student to obtain their Face Covering Exemption Card from Campus Card Operations to be worn on a lanyard at all times while on Southeastern’s campus.

  • If a student is found to not be wearing a face covering on campus and cannot provide proof of exception they are in violation of Southeastern Louisiana University’s Face Mask/Coverings Policy.