Alcohol Awareness

Let's face it.  When it comes to college, who doesn't love a good party? 

Safety is always an issue when it comes to alcohol. Whether it's how you manage yourself as you drink, how much you drink, or what you decide to do at a party, the first step to ensuring your safety comes in the form of awareness. 

 Quick Guide to Hosting a Safe Party

  • Greet all guests at the door. Unwanted party crashers often cause the drama.

  • Make sure everyone who drinks has a designated driver.

  • Limit the actual time of the party to 3 or 4 hours.

  • Get plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Get plenty of food that will last throughout the night.

  • Stay on top of potential problems - or problem people.

  • Plan fun activities that don't involve alcohol.


Louisiana State Law states it is illegal to drink under the age of 21.

"Don't Drink and Drive"