Suicide Prevention Awareness

The loss of a life is tragic. Be it a friend, a family member, a teacher, or a loved one, it will always hurt. Many times we do not know how to tell if someone is struggling with depression or suicidal ideations and often do not  know were to turn for help. 


One of the hardest things in helping someone else is knowing when to ROAR...Reach Out and Respond!

  • Reach Out!  Seek advise from a campus resource-- University Counseling Center, UPD, Area Coordinator, Teacher, Advisor...

  • Be a friend. If you know someone who is experiencing depression or that you suspect is suicidal, reach out to them. Take the time to learn about their problems, their struggles, and their experiences. Respond to them with a kind, concerned attitude. Never be judgmental.

 You never know when it will save a life.