The Story Behind the Bricks

The Story Behind the Bricks

Southeastern’s Friendship Bricks solidify cherished memories and create lasting legacies in the heart of Southeastern’s campus.

Craig Klein-Trombonist

Grooving Into a Grammy

Southeastern alum and New Orleans jazz musician Craig Klein is making his mark on the city’s brass band tradition and earning...


Fee Payment Deadline and Class Cancellation for Non-Payment of Fees is at 5 p.m. on  August 11. Payment must be received and posted to the student’s account by 5 p.m.  Students who have not paid by the deadline will be canceled from their classes. Students with classes paid by anticipated /pending aid are responsible for dropping  all their classes before the first day of classes if they do not plan to attend the summer semester.
It never hurts to have an extra set of hands when you’re picking up your textbooks!

Textbooks are available to be picked up for all students who have paid their fees for Fall 2022. A valid Campus ID is required to check out textbooks. 

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Welcome back,  Lions!
The Office of Student Engagement has an exciting lineup  of activities for the first weeks of the semester, beginning this weekend with Move in Mane-ia!
Head to their social media pages @southeasternose to see a complete list of activities!

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