Southeastern Fall Ensemble Auditions

University Jazz Ensemble Auditions


Wind Symphony and Orchestra Winds

  • Wind auditions are Monday, August 16 and Tuesday, August 17.
  • Percussion auditions are Tuesday, August 17. Please contact Mr. Michael Brothers for more information
  • Augsut 1st there will be an audition time sign-up sheet posted on the Wind Symphony bulletin board by the Band Hall 
  • Audition Music on Google Drive
  • In the Google Folder, you will see folders for each instrument. Inside those folders, there are two sets of audition music, one for Wind Symphony and one for Orchestra. The only exception to that is for the trumpet auditions – only play William Tell if auditioning for orchestra. If you are auditioning for Wind Symphony only, you are only to play the ones marked Wind Symphony. If you are auditioning for both Wind Symphony and Orchestra, you will audition on both. In most cases, the repertoire that you are auditioning on will be repertoire that is planned to be performed this fall in both ensembles.
  • The areas that are marked are the ones that you will prepare for the audition. In some cases, with some of the selections, we have provided pages that may not have any excerpts on it – that is so you can listen to the recording of the piece and have a clear idea of where the excerpt will start. All of the pieces have plenty of recordings available online. If there are cases where there are not recordings available, I have put them in the Reference Recording file in the Google Drive Folder.
  • Lastly, please don’t be overwhelmed by the audition music if you think that it is on the challenging side. This is a good way to gage where our strengths are and some areas that we need to work on. Everyone is going to do a fantastic audition and should not be stressed! Please let me know if you have any questions, need help or any clarification. I look forward to a great semester with you!
  • Audition Information Letter
  • Audition Advice