SE 101 & SE 102

SE 101: Freshman SuccessSE 101_Class

SE 101 Freshman Success is a course every first-year student takes their first semester. It is designed to ensure first-year student success by providing you, the students, with tools needed to manage your emotional, social, and academic transition to the university. In SE 101 you will learn to cultivate effective and adaptable behaviors, to develop successful academic strategies, and to connect with a professional academic advisor to explore career options and academic plans. 

To better connect with other students in your academic field, SE 101 courses are divided into eight academic focus areas. This gives you the opportunity to meet other students in your academic focus area and learn more about how to succeed in that chosen field. In addition, your SE 101 instructor also serves as your academic advisor for your entire first-year of college or until your reach 30 credit hours, whichever comes first.


Your SE 101 Instructor/Academic Advisor will help you:

  • Develop behaviors needed to navigate in college including time management and prioritizing

  • Identify obstacles that may interfere with your academic success

  • Connect you with university resources

  • Find your learning style and preferred learning environment

  • Learn effective strategies for studying, note-taking and test-taking

  • Manage your academic status by tracking grades, GPA, and degree progression

  • Make decisions that affect your academic standing

  • Choose a major and create a four-year academic plan


Here's what students have said about SE 101:

“SE 101 really helped me learn how to become a better student. The instructor helped everyone know how to prepare for Southeastern as a freshmen student.” 

“This course really helped me feel welcomed to Southeastern. I now feel comfortable and confident enough to be successful in my major.”

“My SE 101 class was very helpful. Without it, I don't think I would have learned all of these strategies or made it through this semester.”


SE 102: Freshman Academic Coaching

SE 102 provides student-focused academic coaching by engaging and encouraging first-year students on academic probation to identify the personal and academic strategies necessary to succeed as college students. Students will be provided with semester-long support in areas such as time management, test preparation, note-taking, and learning strategies. 

In SE 102, students will examine personal and academic concerns, perceived barriers to success, strengths, and needs, and will devise a personalized plan of action for succeeding academically to earn a Southeastern degree. 


Your SE 102 Academic Coach will:

  • Help you identify what you want to achieve

  • Encourage you to look within to learn more about yourself

  • Support you as you work to generate solutions and strategies to problems

  • Highlight the importance of becoming responsible and accountable for your actions/inaction and decisions

  • Shift the perception of “failure” to understanding valuable lessons

  • Promote the development of resilience, determination, and grit

  • Assist you in developing the skills needed to achieve success under adverse conditions

  • Help you understand that you can be successful in spite of unexpected obstacles that appear insurmountable

  • Identify resources to enhance both academic success and personal development


Here's what students have said about SE 102:

“Every student on probation needs to take SE 102. If you want to learn how to study and get both your grades and life back on track, take this course.”

“This class has helped me become a better student, and it’s helped me realize that being on probation isn’t a shameful thing.”

“SE 102 is a great place to vent and build better habits. It isn't overbearing, and it allows you to focus on other classes!”