Application Packet

Application Deadline: February 15, 2022

Late Application and Payment Deadline: March 15, 2022

Summary of Important Student Information


Study Abroad Checklist

This checklist outlines the steps required to apply to a Study Abroad program.


Summary of Important Information

This document lists important information about your Study Abroad program.


Application (Coming Soon)

This form asks information about the applicant and explains any requirements, deadlines, and procedures for participating in a program.

NOTE: Be sure to change the printer settings to "landscape" when printing the application.


Study Abroad Student and Professor Agreement

This form establishes expectations for behavior and conduct while on a study abroad trip. 


Course Approval Form

An applicant must be interviewed by the faculty coordinator of the program in which he/she is interested prior to submitting the Study Abroad Application. During this interview, the coordinator will complete a Course Approval Form, which contains the program course(s) that the student wishes to take.


Confidential Reference

This confidential reference form should be completed by two current or former instructors, mentors, employers, etc.


Medical Self-Assessment and Release Form 

The International Initiatives Office strongly recommends that you get a physical before going abroad, check with your medical provider about required/suggested immunizations, and have a dental check-up before departure. 


Three Hundred Dollar Deposit

This non-refundable deposit secures a place in a particular study abroad program. In order for us to accept the Study Abroad Application, the deposit must be submitted with it. The deposit must be paid at the Controller's Office on North Campus and the receipt brought to our office.


Additional Materials Required

Once you have been accepted into a Study Abroad Program, you will also need to provide the International Initiatives Office with the following:

Passport Copies

Two copies must be in color and can be made at the International Initiatives Office for free.

How to Apply

This page explains the application process for first-time passport applicants. There are also links which show the locations of acceptance facilities and passport agencies.

Online Passport Application

This form allows applicants to electronically complete the passport application prior to submitting it. It also lists any items required when the application is submitted.



Depending upon the requirements of individual programs, participants may need to submit 1 or 2 passport-sized photos.

NOTE: The picture should be a frontal view of the applicant's face.


Flight Itinerary

A participant should submit his/her itinerary as soon as it has been booked. This allows International Initiatives and the faculty coordinator to track a student in case there are any air travel difficulties.

NOTE: Participants should not book airfare until notified by the International Initiatives Office.