Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me

Determining your Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me can assist you in better understanding what you have to offer an employer! Your Top 10 list can be used to guide your thinking in developing a resume or cover letter, or in preparing to interview with a particular employer. 

What Does a Top 10 List Include?

  • Career interests are the things you find interesting about the field you are going into. Be prepared to discuss how your interests in your career field choice came about, and why you chose your college major in relation to those interests. You can also use this as a bridge to discussing how your personality characteristics fit your career choice.

  • College preparation refers to your choice of college major, but more specifically, the courses you completed that have prepared you for the type of work you are seeking. Refer to your class notes or the course descriptions provided on your academic department's web site, or in the college catalog, to refresh you on the content of these courses. Also discuss team or research projects you worked on in various subject areas.

  • Personality characteristics include patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique, such as having good communication skills, being organized, attentive to detail, analytical, creative, etc. Be able to discuss areas of natural personality strength you possess.

  • Skills relate to your ability to work with data, people, or things, developed through your specific academic, extracurricular, internship, volunteer, and work experiences, such as interacting with customers, organizing activities, problem-solving, contributing to the team, computer skills, etc. 

Developing Your "Top 10" List

Include the categories below in your Top 10 list. Suggestions are provided to assist you in developing content and examples for each area. Think of your career interests, college courses, personality characteristics, and skills in the context of where/how you developed or applied that skill - or both, such as classroom, student organization, internship, volunteer, and work experiences. Two other important areas employers like to hear about are your work ethic, and professional development activities. 

After each characteristic or skill, list one or more examples of how you successfully applied it. The STAR technique found in the Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me worksheet provides a framework for understanding this concept, which is also the framework for a common type of interview questioning known as behavioral interviewing in which employers ask you to describe a specific skill in the context of actually utilizing it. 

  1. Career interests: Explain your career interests/goals and how this position fits with those interests/goals.

  2. College preparation: Explain why you chose your major and also explain the coursework completed that is relevant to the position. Discuss significant class projects that utilize skills related to the position.

  3. Personality characteristics: Examples include communication, interpersonal, teamwork, leadership, planning and organizing, analytical thinking, problem solving, decision making, multitasking, motivation, dependability, determination, creativity.

  4. Skills: Examples include customer service processes and interactions,

  5. Work Ethic: Be able to articulate how you approach your areas of responsibility on the job. Dependability, self-motivation, attention to detail and follow-through, offering to assist, being punctual, and managing time well are all qualities that employers look for in their employees.

  6. Professional development: Explain your involvement in student or professional organizations, or work, internship, or volunteer experiences, in terms of how they have enhanced your overall educational preparation and professional development toward your career goals. Stay abreast of current developments in your field and discuss these on the job interview. Use the terminology of your field in any correspondence or face-to-face interactions with prospective employers.