Job Search Process Communication

Prepare the Application Materials

A well-written and visually appealing resume and cover letter are absolutely necessary to land you that job interview. They are critical to the job search and must be error-free and capable of marketing the knowledge and skills you have to offer to an employer. Begin building your resume and cover letter. After you have developed your resume to the best of your abilities, you may schedule an appointment with one of our career counseling staff for a resume review and suggestions for improvement.


Polish Your Interview Skills

Getting a telephone call from an employer inviting you for a job interview is a great feeling - BUT! Don't let your excitement make you feel overly confident. Although most of us know the importance of composing a resume and cover letter, many fail to recognize the need for preparing for job interview. The resume may get you in the door, but the interview will be the determining hiring factor. Access the Career Services Interviewing Assistance section of our web site to assist you in honing those interview skills. You may also schedule an appointment with one of our career counseling staff to participate in a mock interview.


Follow Up

Many Human Resource Managers are busy and may not select and notify applicants immediately regarding their desire to schedule an interview. For each resume that you send, follow up! Call or email within two to three weeks of submitting your resume. Following up will set you apart from other candidates and reaffirm your interest in the position. When you follow up, demonstrate professionalism. State the position for which you're applying and the date your resume was sent, reiterate your interest in the position, and request the status of your application. Give employers a few days to respond before contacting them again. While persistence is essential, you do not want to turn employers off by aggravating them.