Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Institutional Research

  1. Just one word....IPEDS

  2. Showing the Provost how biology lab rats can be counted in graduation and retention studies

  3. Unwavering faith that someday someone will devise a foolproof method for quantifying faculty workload

  4. Getting to say things like "Although the state appropriations per FTE have decreased 4% over the last three years, the instructional allocation ratio has risen significantly" in front of the President

  5. Explaining CUPA definitions to department heads

  6. Thrill of living on the edge when the College of Business makes last-minute data requests

  7. Those delightful folks at SPSS Technical Support

  8. Playing the IR acronym guessing game: HBCU, CSRDE, CDS, SRTK, SREB, NCES, GRS, SPRE

  9. On some reports, I change 6's to 9's and 9's to 6's -- just for fun

  10. While completing the staff salary report, momentarily enjoying the look of $500,000 next to my name