Student Organizations

Diversity and Inclusion Student Orgs


President: Devan Hariford (
Advisor: Marc Settembrino (
Requirements for Membership: Must be enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University 
Meeting Information: Fayard Room 238 every Tuesday at 5:30pm
Amount of Dues: None
Description of Organization: standOUT is the LGBT alliance and organization on campus. We celebrate diversity and equality.  In our business meetings we debate about several discussion topics, plan for upcoming events, and provide a safe space for all individuals

Women in Technology

President: Nishma Maskey (
Advisor: Lisa Kuhn (
Requirements for Membership: Potential members should currently be enrolled at Southeastern.
Meeting Information: Varies.  Please contact the organization
Amount of Dues: None
Description of Organization: This organization is dedicated to promote and provide opportunities and professional experience for women pursuing education in STEM fields at Southeastern Louisiana University.


International Student Orgs

International Student Union

President: Thais Gomes (
Advisor: Mattie Hawkins (
Requirements for Membership: Must be a current Southeastern student 
Meeting Information: Biweekly 
Amount of Dues: None
Description of Organization: The International Student Union is a diverse cultural entity.  Our main mission is to unite all cultures present on campus as well as to promote understanding and acceptance of difference cultures.  We serve as a support system to international students and strive to make them understand and blend with American culture.  Our goal is to promote togetherness, unity, friendship, and diversity.

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)

President: Maria Rojas (
Advisor: Aristides Baraya (
Requirements for Membership: Membership shall be open to all active students in Southeastern Louisiana University. Active members shall participate in all the activities as part of the organization. A minimum of 2.5 GPA is required.
Meeting Information: The meetings will be held the first Thursday of every month at 5:30PM in Garrett Hall Room 75
Amount of Dues: None
Description of Organization: The purpose of this organization shall be to expand the global perspectives of its students and increase its service vision to include not only the area of Southeast Louisiana, but Latin American countries and the Hispanic community in the United States as well.

French Club

President: Danielle Eliser (
Advisor: Aileen Motoo (
Requirements for Membership: Potential members must be interested in the French language and culture
Meeting Information: Thursdays at 5:00 in DVic 326
Amount of Dues: $5.00 per semester
Description of Organization: Our organization exposes members to the French culture as well as the French speaking world by having presentations and language activities.

Italian Club

President: Skylar Erickson (
Advisor: Francesca Flumara (
Requirements for Membership: GPA of 2.0. Participation in activities and fundraising. 
Meeting Information: DVIC 320. Monday at 5:00pm. 
Amount of Dues: $5
Description of Organization: To encourage and expand the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the Italian language and culture, and its influence on contributions to our own culture, and way of life through informal gatherings, guest speakers, participation in school-sponsored activities and community festivals.

Nepalese Student Association at Southeastern Louisiana University

President: Pawan Shrestha (
Advisor: Dr. George Gibson (
Requirements for Membership: Open to anyone who is enrolled or employed at Southeastern 
Meeting Information: 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month 
Amount of Dues: $15 per year
Description of Organization: NSAS is a special interest organization, focused in supporting Nepalese students at Southeastern, while at the same time sharing Nepalese culture and customs with the campus community 

Spanish Club

President: Victoria Brigalia (
Advisor: Mariela Sanchez (
Requirements for Membership: Active participation in our hispanic culture orientated activities and events. Spanish speaking or non-spanish speaking students are welcome and enrollment in Southeastern is a must. 
Meeting Information: Every other Tuesday, 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
Amount of Dues: $5 
Description of Organization: Spanish Club is a cultural organization whose main objective is to share our culture, language, and traditions with our students, faculty, and employees. The importance of this cultural learning will make others more tolerant about cultural differences, and more open minded individuals. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. We, the Spanish Club, are use our cultural resources and venues to unite our community through cultural interaction and communication.


Multicultural Student Orgs

Black Student Union

President: MaKayla Taylor  (
Advisor: Adonica Reed (
Requirements for Membership: Membership is open to students enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours.
Meeting Information: Mondays at 5 pm in Fayard Hall
Amount of Dues: $30 per school year
Description of Organization: The purpose of the Black Student Union is to inspire, educate, and stimulate African-Americans to the benefit of their whole person and their fellow brother.  Since its founding, BSU has striven to improve race relations on campus and in the community by creating an environment that is in the community by creating an environment that is receptive to African-American culture.  BSU fully stands by the unification of African-Americans but are not limited to it.  This organization is open to all students enrolled at Southeastern.


President: Jessica Scioneaux (
Advisor: Yazmyn Smith (
Requirements for Membership: Must be a female student at Southeastern
Amount of Dues: $20 per semester
Meeting Information: Wednesdays at 6:00PM in Student Union 2207
Description of Organization: We are a women's empowerment organization that has a primary focus on mentorship and networking.  Our mission is to develop a network of women to improve knowledge sharing, provide personal and professional development resources, and encourage excellence in all aspects of life by the effective methods of instruction and leadership.

Flipside Dance

President: Malia Brown (
Advisor: Mattie Hawkins (
Requirements for Membership: Audition process held in the beginning of each semester
Amount of Dues: $25
Meeting Information: Monday and Wednesday, 8:00PM, Pennington Center
Description of Organization: Hip Hop based dance organization that performs at different on and off campus events and for student organization events.


President: Darnell Butler (
Advisor: Kandace Formaggio (
Requirements for Membership: Membership is open to undergraduate student's enrolled full-time at Southeastern Louisiana University. 
Amount of Dues: $50.00
Meeting Information: Student Union, Room 2216 at 6:00 p.m.
Description of Organization: To mentor and cultivate young adult males to develop the perseverance of leadership and manhood, by the effective methods of leading by example and learning by doing.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

President: Cilicia Thornton (
Advisor: Marjorie Parker (
Requirements for Membership: Pay membership dues and be enrolled at Southeastern.
Amount of Dues: $30
Meeting Information: Every Tuesday at 6PM in the Pennington Center Room 107.
Description of Organization: Informing members on problems in our society that effect minorities and enhancing our community, in which we serve. 

National Pan-Hellenic Council

President: Kahne Clark (
Advisor: Mattie Hawkins(
Amount of Dues: Varies.
Meeting Information: Varies.
Description of Organization: The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. is represented at Southeastern Louisiana University by eight of the nine "Divine Nine" fraternities and sororities These chapters work together by engaging in collective programming and ideas through a variety of functions and activities while working to have a powerful impact on their communities.
Southeastern Website
National Website

Southeastern Gospel Choir

President: Michelle Brister (
Advisor: Jerrie Hanible (
Requirements for Membership: Current student of SLU with a desire to grow closer to God through singing his praises. Must pay dues each semester. 
Meeting Information: Mondays (weekly) in Pottle Hall Room 163A at 7:00PM
Amount of Dues: $15 per semester. 
Description of Organization: The Southeastern Gospel Choir's purpose on campus is designed to bring college students closer to God, through song, praise, and fellowship. The organization ministers to individuals both on and off campus.