OSRP Handbook


This online reference is a comprehensive guide to obtaining and managing grants and contracts at Southeastern Louisiana University. The purpose of this handbook is to describe the procedures that a Southeastern employee should follow in seeking external support and in administering an externally funded award.


There are 11 sections listed below for quick reference.


Section 1 - Introduction to Sponsored Research and Programs


Section 2 - Project Planning


Section 3 - Proposal Preparation


Section 4 - Institutional Information for Proposals


Section 5 - Institutional Review Board (Humans and Animal Subjects) & Other Reviews


Section 6 - Proposal Submission


Section 7 - Award Negotiation and Acceptance


Section 8 - Account Set-up and Administration of Sponsored Programs


Section 9 - Multi-Year Grants and Contract Renewal


Section 10 - Responsibilities of PI, Department Chair, and Dean


Section 11 - New Award Project Pointers


To download a complete copy of the OSRP Handbook, click here.