President's Awards for Excellence

Each year, Southeastern President John L. Crain bestows the university's most prestigious honor, the President's Award for Excellence, to faculty and staff excelling in the areas of research, teaching, artistic activity, faculty service and staff service. Meet this year's recipients.

Brian Crother Brian Crother

Professor of Biological Sciences

President's Award for Excellence in Research

 “When Dr. Crother received this award roughly 20 years ago, he was one of many great researchers. Now he is simply an institution. He organizes symposia, has served as president of multiple societies, and his numbers of publications, both empirical and theoretical, grows larger each year." -- Professor and Department Head of Biological Sciences Christopher Beachy

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Margaret Gonzalez-Perez

Margaret Gonzalez-Perez

Professor of History and Political Science

President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

“I strive to maintain a special focus on excellence in teaching and igniting a love of learning in my students. I try to teach my students how to evaluate reliable sources in a world of 24-hour news and social media, examine conflicting perspectives, and develop logical conclusions.”

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Gerlinde Beckers

Gerlinde Beckers

Associate Professor of Education

President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

“Whether she is the first to volunteer to serve on an important committee to advance the mission of Southeastern or to support recruitment and retention efforts in our department, Gerlinde is a leader in providing service.” -- Teaching and Learning Department Head Colleen Klein-Ezell

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Paulette Poche

Paulette Poche

Retired Staff Member

President's Award for Excellence in Unclassified Staff Service

“Growing up, service was not a defined word, but a natural part of a meaningful life. My parents were my first examples of what it meant to be a part of a greater good by serving. I plan to establish a scholarship in my parents’ name, as they afforded me the opportunity to be a student at Southeastern and served as my very first and never ending examples of true service.”

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