The Story Behind the Bricks

The Story Behind the Bricks

Southeastern’s Friendship Bricks solidify cherished memories and create lasting legacies in the heart of Southeastern’s campus.

Craig Klein-Trombonist

Grooving Into a Grammy

Southeastern alum and New Orleans jazz musician Craig Klein is making his mark on the city’s brass band tradition and earning...


Today is National Hydration Day, and the high today will be 99°. Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep out of the heat. The bookstore has a bunch of great new cups and bottles with our new logo for you to keep your water handy and cool!
Looking back at these pics from the past few orientations and we can't wait for our next orientation tomorrow! 
If you are an admitted incoming freshman and haven't signed up for orientation yet, check your email for your invitation to sign up!
As part of the Universities of Louisiana Black Male Summit, two Southeastern students, Joshua Randall and Nicholas Gibson, and students from other UL System schools were inducted into the Reginald F. Lewis Scholars Program. Congratulations to Joshua and Nicholas! Both students had these thoughts to share about the program and its opportunities.

First Photo: Joshua Randall “My thoughts on the opportunity that it is a blessing . The opportunity to meet new people , but to also help my mom out financially with my school is a major help to me. I have been waiting for this to happen to me like a movie and now it’s reality.”

Second Photo: Nicholas Gibson “I am grateful to be chosen for this program and scholarship opportunity. It shows me that time and dedication into what you do in college pays off and gives you the opportunity to socialize with new people and gain important connections.”

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