Amber Carter Adams

Registered Nurse, Our Lady of the Angels Hospital
BS in Nursing, 2018

Southeastern Nursing graduate Amber Carter Adams uses her skills, knowledge, and nurturing personality to care for her patients on the med-surgical floor of Our Lady of the Angels Hospital. Her long-term goal is to one day become a labor and delivery nurse.

Amber sees and treats many patients with a variety of illnesses such as COPD, pneumonia, hyperglycemia, altered mental status, post-op, and many more. A typical day of work consists of many tasks including chart-checking, giving medications, starting new IVs, showering patients, and changing dressings on wounds. In addition to this full-time position, Amber also works when needed at Riverside Medical Center. She soon plans to gain some experience in the field of home-health nursing. 

“The nursing program at Southeastern is very respected and considered one of the best in Louisiana,” Amber says about Southeastern’s nursing program. 

Upon graduating high school, Amber knew that she wanted to pursue a BSN and says that Southeastern was a very easy choice for her. Amber also took dual-enrolled Southeastern courses during her junior and senior years of high school. 

During Amber’s junior year at Southeastern, she joined the Student Nurse Association (SNA). She was the historian for this organization throughout her last semester. Amber says that she feels that joining the SNA was a great decision for her education and experience here at Southeastern.

Amber Adams“My experience at Southeastern was great,” Amber says. She feels that despite the rigorous curriculum of the nursing program, her instructors and professors were very helpful in ensuring her success. She also made a very close group of friends and feels that having a strong support system really helped “smooth” her journey throughout the nursing program. 

Amber’s advice to anyone considering pursuing a nursing degree at Southeastern is to go for it. She says that Southeastern’s nursing program is very competitive, but it is worth it. “Nursing is a calling,” Amber says and encourages anyone who feels this calling to start their journey here at Southeastern.

Amber loves her career as a nurse. She feels that this field is very rewarding, and it never gets boring. Every day of work she has a different set of patients, and she loves that this requires her to constantly test her skills and gain new knowledge.

by: Katlyn Baker