OU Campus

How-to documentation for OU Campus

Learn how to build your department's website in OU Campus, Southeastern's web content management system.


Basic Topics in OU Campus

Getting Started with OU Campus

View browser requirements and instructions for logging into OU Campus.

Creating a New Page

Learn how to use OU Campus to create a new page on your site.


Editing a Page in OU Campus

Editing Basics

Learn how to use OU Campus to edit pages using the WYSIWYG editor, how to check in/out pages, reverting pages, and more.

Adding Images and Documents

Learn how to upload images and documents into OU Campus and add them to your pages.

Creating Internal and External Links

Learn how to link to other pages within Southeastern's website, as well as external sites, such as news outlets or educational resources.

Editing Side Navigation

Learn how to change and add new pages to your left navigation list.


Publishing, Submitting, and Approving Pages

Publishing a Page

As a Content Contributor with access to publishing privileges, learn how to publish your changes to the site.

Submitting Changes for Approval

As an OU Campus Contributor with an approver, learn how to submit your changes to your supervisor.

Reviewing Changes to be Published

As an approver in OU Campus, you will get various changes from different people in your department. Learn how to find those changes and either approve or reject them to be published.



Advanced Topics in OU Campus

Creating and Editing Image Galleries

Learn how to create and/or edit existing image galleries on your site.

Using News Feeds

Learn how to create announcements or news articles for your website, which can automatically be published to your department's corresponding Facebook page by utilizing RSS.

Snippets and Assets

Learn how to use our snippet features, which are reusable templates for content, and assets, which are selections of content that are the same across multiple pages.

Configuring the Dashboard and Gadgets

Learn how to use the features of your dashboard and widgets to see things like what pages you have checked out, what is waiting for approval, where documents are used across Southeastern's site and more.