Steps to Complete your Admissions


You are admitted and just a few steps away from becoming a Southeastern Lion! 

To finalize your admissions for Fall 2020, please review the following action items:

Step 1: Confirm your intent to enroll. 

Click here to answer a few quick questions and to indicate your intent to enroll for Fall 2020. 

Step 2: Submit Documents

Make sure you have sent official versions of all ACT or SAT tests you have completed. 

Complete the immunization compliance form. If you are unable to get the form completed by your physician at the current time, you can sign an exemption on the second page and return it to the Office of Admissions. You can submit your immunization records when available. 

Send your final high school transcript if requested. 

For instruction on where and how to submit documents, see the FAQ section. Remember, the earlier, the better: once we receive your documents to complete your admission file, we can then send you an invite to Orientation to make it official! 

Step 3: Check your Math and English ACT Subscores

If you have not sent your ACT scores – send those now (see the FAQs for details on what to send and how to request ACT official scores). 

If you have not taken the ACT or SAT, see the FAQs for guidance.

If you have no scores or an ENGLISH ACT score of 17 or below: a co-requisite or developmental English course is required.

For students with two developmental or co-requisite courses needed, we will control your schedule as we help you maximize your ability to be successful. First semester courses will be restricted to pre-selected courses to help ease your transition into college level English and Math. In addition to English or Math, other courses have been selected that are specific to your success at Southeastern. 

If you have either one or two developmental/co-requisite courses needed, you can still attempt to test out of these courses over the summer. Southeastern’s Office of Testing administers a computer-based Math and English placement test called Accuplacer. The Accuplacer is currently offered remotely and can be scheduled via email These tests must be passed prior to the first day of classes (August 19) to make schedule changes.

While the Accuplacer is not required, we highly recommend this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if you have all of my ACT or SAT scores?

You can connect directly with your recruiter via email or schedule a zoom meeting to review your application and test scores on file. To connect with your recruiter, visit to obtain their contact information or to schedule zoom meetings.

What happens if I was scheduled to take the ACT or SAT and the test was canceled due to the current restrictions?

Test scores are still required for all new students. Given the current circumstances, your admission has been granted for one semester, but you will not be allowed to continue until we receive official scores on file. While we realize the next national test dates will not occur until the Fall, we encourage you to schedule for one of these new Fall dates or consider the Southeastern version of the ACT, called the ACT Residual. 

When Southeastern resumes office operations, you can contact the Office of Testing to schedule the ACT Residual. ACT Residual scores are only valid at Southeastern for admissions and cannot be used for scholarships (including TOPS) or at any other institution.  

What are official ACT/SAT scores versus unofficial scores?

Currently, we are accepting unofficial score reports due to the limitations and restrictions related to COVID-19.  

UNOFFICIAL scores are full versions of the score report sent to you directly by ACT. You then forward that report to Southeastern. 

OFFICIAL scores come directly from ACT/SAT to Southeastern. This request can be completed on the testing websites or registration portals. To send ACT scores to Southeastern, learn more at To send SAT scores, learn more here

What are co-requisite or developmental courses and why would I need to take them?

These courses are required to ensure students are ready for college level math and/or English. Students with a Math ACT score of 18 or below will need the Math co-requisite or developmental course. Students with an English ACT score of 17 or below will need the English co-requisite or developmental course. For students with no score on file, these courses must be scheduled until a score is received. 

These courses are specifically crafted to help students be prepared for college level English and/or college level Math. These courses focus on critical skills necessary for successful progress towards your goal of a degree.

Do I need to submit my final high school transcript?

Most students from Louisiana will not need to send a final transcript. The Louisiana State Department of Education tracks your file electronically via the Student Transcript System (STS). If a data discrepancy occurs within STS, you may be asked to submit a final high school transcript. 

Students who graduate from an out-of-state school or homeschool will need to send final transcripts to Southeastern.

Where do I send documents?

The fastest way currently is via email to

Documents can also be faxed to 985-549-5882

Mailing address: Office of Admissions, SLU Box 10752, Hammond, LA 70402

What if I still have questions?

Contact your recruiter. They are available by cell phone, email, or by a scheduled zoom meeting online. Recruiters are your guide through this process and will assist in getting your file ready for Fall!