Institutional Effectiveness Reports

CAAP Results - The Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) is a nationally normed assessment by ACT.

2009 - 2010


Major Field Assessment Plans and Reports - All academic programs (majors) are required to review/update their MFA Plans every three years and submit a report every two years. Below are links to all Plans and Reports on file with the Office of Institutional Research since 1993.

  College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences
  College of Business
  College of Education & Human Development
  College of General Studies
  College of Nursing & Health Sciences
  College of Science & Technology

Report on the Status of General Education
The General Education Subcommittee of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee undertook a review of Southeastern's General Education curriculum. This is their September 2002 report.


Support Units

Documentation for support unit's mission, goals, and objectives are not centrally collected and they are not required to provide a written report. They are, however, required to provide a memo stating whether or not they are in compliance and if not, what steps they are taking to become compliant.


Example of an Institutional Effectiveness Plan - Human Resources