OSRP Policies and Other Pertinent Information


Budget: Cost Sharing and/or Matching Funds

Some sponsors require institutional cost sharing or matching funds from the University to indicate the University's commitment to the project. When required, the principal investigator should provide as much of the cost-share as possible as “in-kind” (e.g., contributions to the project that have a quantifiable value, but do not require the University to commit additional cash). Do not include a match from Southeastern unless it is required. If matching or cost-sharing is not required, then the absence of cost-sharing cannot be used in evaluating the competitiveness of the project.  If there is a need to document salient efforts on the part of faculty and/or staff, do so in the proposal narrative and refrain from including such in the match budget.

When a cash match is required, the principal investigator must first consult with the department head and the dean to identify departmental, school, and/or college sources of funds to meet the matching requirement. For example, a contribution of personnel time for which the faculty is released from teaching assignments (with no salary funding from the funding agency) and the related share of fringe benefits are considered a cash match. Amount of required or suggested cost sharing varies with agencies and types of proposals. Institutional matching funds or institutional commitment must be approved through the Provost.

Examples of appropriate match can be found on our Match Checklist of In-Kind and Cash match items. Remember that match or cost sharing that has been included in an award must be properly documented and reported to Grants Accounting.


Indirect Cost/Facilities and Administration (F&A) Costs

Facilities and administrative costs (also referred to as indirect costs) are costs incurred by the University as related to the award's activity. Examples of such costs are maintenance, depreciation, general and departmental administration, utilities, janitorial services, accounting and purchasing services, research administration, library operations, etc.  Agencies recognize these expenses and allow the University to recover these costs through a negotiated F&A rate that is included in the award expenses. For Southeastern's current F&A rate refer to the OSRP Quick Facts page.

The PI must include in the project budget the maximum allowable amount of F&A costs that the sponsoring agency will pay according to the program guidelines, while not exceeding the University's federally negotiated rate. State and private funding sources often set a maximum allowable rate for a specific program. When the agency allowable rate is lower than the University's negotiated rate, it must be documented in agency guidelines and provided to OSRP.

A reduction in F&A recovery requested in a budget below the University's negotiated rate or the funding agencies' established rate requires the Provost's approval.


Indirect Cost/F&A Rate Information - 2019-2023

As of July 1, 2019, Southeastern Louisiana University will use the federally negotiated Indirect Cost/F&A rate of 38.6% (on campus) and 11.6% (off-campus) of total modified direct costs. This rate will be effective until June 30, 2023.  Keep in mind that the indirect allowed may be agency specific, so always check the guidelines.


Cellular Phone Policy

Effective February 1, 2012, Southeastern will implement a new cellular phone policy, which will cover all current and future cellular phone users. For more information on the new policy check here or contact Basic Computing/Telephone Services at 549-5050.


Fringe Benefits

For 2021-2022, Southeastern will use a fringe rate of 38% for most academic year and summer salaries. Additional duties/activity pay for faculty/staff should use a fringe rate of 28%.  A minimum of 7.65% should be included for part-time staff.


Travel Regulations 

For 2021-2022, mileage is reimbursed at the state rate of $0.56/mile, up to a maximum of 99 miles. For official state business travel, employees may utilize a state vehicle when available, may rent a vehicle under the Enterprise Rent-A-Car's State Motor Pool Rental Contract; or may use their personal vehicle, with reimbursement not to exceed a maximum of 99 miles.  Please see Travel Regulations for other changes in state travel.


Electronic Submission Recommendation

Many agencies, particularly federal agencies, are now requiring proposals to be submitted electronically. While some PIs see the electronic submission as "additional time" because the proposal doesn't have to be mailed one to two days before the deadline, this really should not be the case.

The electronic submission process often requires feedback time to insure that the application has been properly submitted. As with grants.gov (the system now used by most federal agencies), it may take up to 48 hours for your submission to be processed and e-mail notification sent to Southeastern that your proposal has been accepted for review.

To avoid last-minute problems and to allow ample time to resubmit an application if necessary, OSRP strongly recommends that all electronic submissions be made no less than 48 hours prior to the official deadline.  PIs may run the risk of having an application not accepted if problems arise and notification is not received in time to make corrections and resubmit before the deadline.


Audit Information

Southeastern is audited as part of the ULL System. For agencies that require a copy of Southeastern's latest audit, you can use the Southeastern Management Letter issued April 5, 2021 or the UL System Basic Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report as of and for the year ended June 30, 2020 (issued December 2020) from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's web site.  In addition, you can view Southeastern's FY20 Report Highlights.   Audit information from previous years also is archived on the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's web site.


New Awards - Documentation

As new budgets are set up for sponsored activities, PIs will be required to sign a  Principal Investigator Certification and Compliance Agreement.


Closeout Information

Southeastern's Office of Sponsored Research and Programs has developed a Principal Investigator's Project/Program Closeout Checklist. As your project/program nears its end, use this handy list to review tasks required to finalize the administrative portion.