Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP)

In 1993, the state of Louisiana enacted the Louisiana Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP) law, which, if several stipulations are met, allows classroom teachers to attend Louisiana’s public colleges and universities tuition free (all other fees must be paid by the teacher) on a space available basis. The law also requires that classroom teachers who participate in CTEP during any one school year shall be obligated to practice as a classroom teacher in the elementary or secondary schools of Louisiana for at least the subsequent school year. 

Students should have an understanding of the Louisiana Board of Regents’ CTEP eligibility and application guidelines before submitting a CTEP application to Southeastern.


CTEP Guidelines Frequently Overlooked:

  1. Students must not register themselves for the classes on their CTEP application. Classes will not be eligible even if a student adds the class and then drops the class during the registration period. The Office of the Registrar will add students to the classes after the Drop/Add period of the semester.
  2. CTEP is only available for classes offered completely on the main campus. Partial or full internet classes and classes held off of the main campus are not eligible for CTEP. (The CTEP COVID-19 Emergency Policy, which expires with the Spring 2021 semester, allowed internet classes.)
  3. Students must be employed as a classroom teacher.
  4. A new CTEP application must be completed each semester.


Completed applications and any CTEP questions should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at


Students should contact the Controller’s Office for Teacher Tuition Exemption information.