Met Here. Married Here.

MeganandHayesfriendshipcirMegan and Hayes Walker

Married 12.17.16
Southeastern Student Union Ballroom


Slidell residents and Southeastern Alumni Megan Bonck and Hayes Walker first met as undergraduates in Dr. Laver’s military history class in Spring 2013 in Fayard Hall on Southeastern's campus. According to Megan, Hayes was constantly discussing different tactics with Dr. Laver, and everyone in class knew who he was. They were formally introduced by a mutual friend/fraternity brother and the rest is a happily-ever-after cinderella story. 


What was your first impression of one another?

Megan:  My first impression of Hayes was kind of a know-it-all because of his interactions with Dr. Laver in class. But at the same time, I thought he was very sweet. He obviously knew what he was talking about, and it was always interesting to hear their debates.

Hayes:  The first time I laid eyes on Megan, I thought, "yes, she is it!" From that point on, I did what ever I could to get close to her - talk about class, greek life, anything, etc.!

How old were each of you when you first met?

Megan:  I was 23 when I first met Hayes. He was 24.

Tell us about your first date.

Megan:  Our first “official” date was at The Steakhouse in downtown Hammond. Hayes was such a gentleman. He picked me up from my on-campus apartment and wouldn’t tell me where we were going until we arrived. We talked about everything that night. What we liked, experiences we’d had, travel, future goals, etc. He was so easy-going and very charming.

Hayes:  Megan was beautiful! She was fun, easy to talk to and get along with, and it just felt right to be around her. That night, we talked for hours, and I never wanted it to stop!

 What did your spouse think about you after your first date?

Megan:  I’m sure Hayes thought I talked too much! I was kind of nervous and very cautious about entering into a new relationship so close to my student teaching. I kept him at arm’s length for a long time before eventually giving him a chance.

Hayes:  I was worried that Megan wasn't going to give me a chance, but I was determined to keep her in my life, even if only as a friend. 

carriagekissWhen and where did you first kiss?

Megan:  It was at my apartment during Fall 2013. My friends had just called me out for liking Hayes. They practically forced me to admit it out loud! I will forever be grateful for that night.

Hayes:  Kissing Megan was worth the wait! It had been what I wanted for so long and made life make sense.

What was it about your spouse that made you realize that they were “the one”?

Megan:  I had never met a man like Hayes Walker. He treated (and still treats me) like I’m part of him. He is definitely a “yes-man" and I wasn’t used to that. After a Halloween party that fall semester, we were talking, and I was explaining how I always wanted that “fairy tale love.”  Before I could even finish my thought, he told me that he’s always wanted that “movie time love.” I’m a big movie-buff and that’s always how I saw myself falling in love. It was like he was speaking to my soul, which he tends to do.

Hayes:  I knew Megan was special the first time I saw her! She kept me in the "friend zone" for so long, though, that I think it made me appreciate her even more. So, the night of our first kiss, I knew she was the one for me. 

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

Megan:  Hayes is so easy-going and willing to help anyone with anything. He goes out of his way to support others and always puts others’ needs before his. He can talk to anyone and become their best friend. He became my best friend and never lets me forget it.

Hayes:  I love that Megan loves to talk and that she accepts me for who I am. 

The Engagement


Megan:Hayes proposed at the SLU Homecoming Tailgate on October 17, 2015. He had all of our family there. We were surrounded by our sorority sisters and fraternity brothers who were all in on it as well. He had ordered an engraved brick from the Alumni Association. Hayes wanted to show me the brick, and it read, “Megan M. Bonck/ Will You Marry Me?/ Your Marine” I turned around to find him on his knee with a ring in a Cinderella carriage jewelry box. I immediately started crying and accepted. To top off the day, he had arranged to have my sorority little sister, who was doing the Disney Internship that semester, there to surprise me. She’d always said she had to be there when we got engaged so it meant even more having her there with us.

How long were you engaged?

Megan:  We were engaged for a year and 2 months, exactly. We were engaged October 17, 2015 and married December 17, 2016.

How did your family react when you told them you were getting married?

Megan:  Our entire families were present at the engagement. All the moms were in tears, dads were beaming with pride. They were all so excited! My parents love Hayes. At one point, my family told me they would leave me for him! When we were “just friends” my dad constantly told me how much he liked him and I needed to give him a chance. Family always knows best I guess ;)

Hayes:  My mom had already said if I screw this up, they were choosing Megan over me! 

megancarriagearrivalWhat was the easiest part of wedding planning? Or, your favorite part?

Megan:The theme! I always knew I wanted a Cinderella-themed wedding. It was fun to add Cinderella touches here and there. Having worked at David’s Bridal throughout college, I already knew the dress I wanted and the tuxes were just as simple. My favorite part was getting to take pictures with our photographer.

Hayes:  Family and friends are very important to me, so my favorite part was having everyone I care about in one place on the big day!

 What was the most difficult part of wedding planning? 

Megan:  One of the most difficult parts was organizing timing of everything. Even though a lot of it comes from the vendors, it was stressful knowing what they were bringing and what we were bringing. We had smaller decorations for the reception like picture frames, the aisle runner, and gift bags, but then had a pergola made for the ceremony. Knowing how to get everything where it needed to go and for different times was hard; especially with me not being able to be anywhere the morning of the wedding while getting ready.

weddingexpoWhy did you choose Southeastern for your ceremony/reception location?

Megan:  It was Hayes’ idea. Before we were engaged, we went to a wedding expo held in the Student Union Ballroom, and I saw how nice it was with all the decorations and lighting, and I was pleasantly surprised!  For the price, space, and food, SLU was the best option – especially once our story began to unfold with the proposal.


 The Big Day

carriageclose-upWhere was your ceremony held? 

Megan:  Our ceremony was held outside of Fayard Hall by the Katrina/Rita Memorial Fountain on campus. It seemed only fitting since we met in Fayard. Hayes built a pergola which we transported and added a few candles and flowers.

How many guests did you invite to the wedding? 250 

Did you have a unique theme for your wedding day that you’d like to tell us about? 

Megan: Obviously Cinderella! From the carriage silhouette on the aisle runner and koozies, to the actual carriage I arrived to the ceremony in. It was the perfect day! People still laugh at me for having an actual horse and carriage that day but that definitely was the icing on the cake! Hayes was my prince charming!

What song did you choose for your first dance? 

Megan:  Then by Brad Paisley. We began with a choreographed dance to “So This is Love” (from Cinderella, of course) which led into “Then” and we finished with a mix of songs, and our bridal party joined us on the dance floor.

What did guests eat at the reception?

Megan:  We had your typical reception foods; spinach dip, pasta dish, hors d'oeuvres. Cris, the Catering Director, recommended the strawberry pepper jelly and cream cheese hors d'oeuvres.  We also had a pork loin stuffed with andouille sausage. At the last minute, we ordered a kids station with burgers and fries and everyone loved it!! Even the adults were raving about it!


What flavor of cake did you have at your wedding?

Megan:  Our wedding cake was almond with almond icing and raspberry filling. Four tiers. Our groom’s cake was chocolate with strawberry filling and chocolate covered strawberries. It was completely gone within about 20 minutes!

What was the best part of your big day?

Megan:  I got to marry my prince charming! And, the weather held out when it was supposed to rain all weekend.

Hayes:  Other than marrying my "wonder woman", it was the group dance to N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye."














Is there a moment that you'll never forget from your reception? 

 Megan:  A funny moment was when we were taking a picture by the groom’s cake, Hayes knocked down my champagne glass and champagne went down the front of my dress. Thankfully the champagne was clear and you couldn’t even tell.Hayeschampagne



 Who caught the bridal bouquet?

Megan:My bouquet was designed to break into three pieces. My two stepsisters, and a sorority sister caught them.


Who caught the garter at your wedding?

Hayes:  The best man.

Happily Ever After

Megan and Hayes honeymooned in Disney World and stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort. They currently reside in Slidell with their three-year-old puppy, Malibu, and are expecting a baby boy on January 4, 2019.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy life together!


Special thanks to the Walkers' wedding vendors:

Southeastern Catering

Katie Pellegrin Photography

A Signature Event

Paul's Pastry